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A very unique equipment designed for a specific  application to convey green sand from the mixer/muller junction into the Large moulds of more than 5000 kgs capacity.

Advantage of this machine is to reach large area in the foundry beneath its arc (periphery).

BMM make PALLET AND MOULD CARS are robust, easy to operate, effective and economical. They can be used in Semi-Automatic and Automatic moulding lines with flask or flaskless type moulds. The mould cars available are powered operated and manual push-pull operated types.

The TURN TABLE unit is used for diverting moulds in another direction for further processing. They are available with roller conveyor top or with pallet track top. They are meant for continous Loop movement of moulds. The TRANSFER TROLLEYS are used for Indexing moulds from one to the another place. They can be powerised or non powerised as necessary. Both these machines are suitable for small-medium and large size of moulds. It could be flaskless or tight flask type moulds. Very large size moulds (Appr. 5T Wt. and above) are also transferred by powerised transfer trolleys.

The pusher is the most essential equipment for continous type or indexing type moulding lines. The Pneumatic or Hydraulic is decided depending upon the load, size and number of pallets. Generally BMM make pusher assembly is used in automatic moulding lines, 2-lines or for multi-line application.

These machines made by BMM were made for a very specific purpose and is custom built depending upon the necessity. It can be designed and manufactured to suit any type and size of the mould. They are also known as Mould Manipulators.

Its very important and a machine which connects automatic mould handling system with the Green-Return sand handling system is THE SHAKEOUT OR THE KNOCKOUT They separate the mould box (In case it is tight flask) – convert sand mould into lose sand and casting after the poured mould is cooled and ready to be knocked down.

They are available with huge variants depending upon the application viz.:-

  • Self discharge shake-out (small-medium-large size)

  • Knockout cum feeder (medium and large size)

  • Both above with eccentric shaft design or with vibratory motor design.

The BMM make Roller conveyors are designed and manufactured to serve the foundries for decades. They are used to move and convey the boxes in a smooth way from the moulding station to the closing and pouring area. They can be also used in mould automation.

The form of the Rollers are:-

  • Plain roller conveyors

  • Guide collar type roller conveyors

  • stub roller conveyor

The selection is made as necessary.