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The most MODERN & ADVACED, High-tech INNOVATIVEequipment  designed to perform very efficiently. The HI-TECH POUR MADE ONLY IN INDIA by BMM, is most suitable machine for liquid metal transfer from one place to other very Quickly & safely.  It is also used to collect metal from the melting furnace and to do SG Iron treatment near destination.

The operator can operate the machine by radio remote control unit from a safe distance.

The machine travels on the floor level & has SIX axes  movement for easy maneuverability.

Another INNOVATIVE product –

AN INTELLIGENT POURING equipment with accurate pouring rate, safety & with highest possible metal recovery.  The Ezee Pour is easy to operate & maintain. Very less space is required No pit & foundation. The Ezee Pour is used to pour  any type of metal into:-

  • High Pressure Moulds

  • Jolt Squeeze Machine Moulds

  • Shell Moulds

  • Investment Casting Moulds

  • Hand Made Green Sand Moulds

  • Centrifugal Casting Dies

  • Gravity Dies

  • No Bake Moulds etc……

This system is most suitable for pouring Liquid metal into moulds in the fastest & the simplest way of pouring with high accuracy & minimum spillage.

An existing Ladle with little modifications can be used in this system for pouring.

This is the most popular & versatile pouring system for all types of moulds & moulding lines.  The Ladle with Ladle handlers powerised or Non-powerised  type are hanged on the Monorail or Bi-Rail & pulled or pushed on the overhead track having point contact type wheel assembly up to the moulds laying just below the Monorail or Bi-rail track to pour liquid metal very conveniently into the moulds.

These  pouring systems are best  alternate to pouring by EOT Crane.

A unique design  of Ladle Handler – Powerised type from  BMM only. It lifts & lowers the ladle very smoothly while pouring liquid metal into the moulds.  Zero jerks avoid pouring disturbance.

Very safe, steady, sturdy & easy pouring mechanism for the foundries.


BMM offers a very vast range of Light-Medium-Heavy duty STANDARD & Tailor made (as per specific requirement and capacity) Lip Pouring Ladles.

  • Transfer Ladles

  • Pouring Ladles

  • Geared & Non-Geared Ladles with integral bail arm OR detachable Bail arm

These Ladles are available in many variants & capacities from the standard ones to the custom built.  They are made as right hand or left hand pouring type as per the operator’s choice.

Available with

  • Gearbox for tilting

  • Non Geared type

  • Hand lever for tilting

They are mainly used by  STEEL Casting Foundries. BMM  make Bottom Pouring Ladles are  available with gearbox for tilting along with  integral bail arm.  These Ladles are used for Slag free pouring of the Liquid metal from the base of  theLadle.  The bottom pouring (stopper rod) assembly is an articulated type 180° made to suit operators convenience.

These Ladles made by BMM are available with various spouts arrangements, geared & non-geared type and with & without LID.  The end plates  are bolted & easily removal type.

The SGI Treatment Ladles made by BMM are very popular & accepted by all types of foundries in INDIA & ABROAD. They are designed to  increase magnesium recovery, consistent treatment process, reduce temperature losses & reduce slag and dross generation, Resulting to good & consistent quality of CASTINGS.

Available in

  • Open top treatment

  • With tundish on top

  • With lid on top

  • Lip pouring & T-Spout type

  • Drum type Treatment Ladle

  • With Tundish lifting bail arm arrangement

and much more

A very special type of Ladles used for multi purpose i.e. SG Iron treatment cum pouring or only treatment or only pouring.  They are available with Tundish and / or with top LID

They are mostly available in small capacities to pour metal into the moulds quickly & efficiently.  These ladles are with Gearbox & tilting hand wheel or with lever tilting mechanism. They can be designed with the T-spout or Lip Pouring. Motorised tilting mechanism is also available as a feature for effortless tilting.

These ladles  are used for pouring liquid metal into the moulds directly. The top LID prevents heat/temperature loss during transit & pouring.  Thus they help in energy saving to a larger extent. The opening & closing of the Lid is made very easy & smooth to reduce operators fatigue level.  The lid comes as a part of the ladle SWIVELING TYPE &  or LIFTING  SWIVELING BOTH.

BMM’S unique specially designed Double shell type pouring & transfer ladles achieve almost ZERO Heat Loss/temperature loss from the sides.  And if a top LID is provided then they serve as most energy saving Ladles.  They are available with or without tilting gear mechanism.

Transfer Liquid metal with BMM make powerised and non-powerised  metal transfer trolleys from one place to other. Very safe, jerk free movement, quick transfer, operated by REMOTE radio control unit (wireless).

Ideal for medium and Large capacity Ladles to carry long.


BMM make Ladle pre-heaters saves fuel and saves time by ensuring Ladle lining is ready to receive molten metal. It also helps to prevent blows due to poorly heated dried lining.  This improves metal quality by reducing heat losses from the ladle shell

They are compact in size & safe in operation.

Available with
– Liquid fuel burners
– Gas fuel burners