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Chemically Bonded & Co2 Sand Process with RECLAMATION UNIT

BMM  has designed, manufactured, & successfully commissioned a fully automatic FAST LOOP flaskless moulding line & fully automatic flaskless mould pouring line for big range of mould sizes.

The complete system consists of

  • Multiple station FAST LOOP moulding.

  • Compaction Table

  • Mould & Pattern Stripping – Roll over machine

  • Inspection Belt conveyor

  • Inline flood coating station

  • Auto mould flame-on & mould curing Tunnel

  • Slide Bed Conveyor & mould closing area

  • Stub Roller conveyor & transfer trolleys

  • Mould Manipulators

  • Mould / Cake Pusher

  • Bolster & Pouring Plates

The BMM make CAROUSAL is very unique in construction designed to suit for a No-Bake foundry.

The size & the diameter of the carousal is depending upon the pattern size & the curing time of the mould.

This type of moulding line can accommodate variety & various sizes of the No-Bake moulding patterns.

The compaction table on such lines can be placed INLINE or OFFLINE. They are available with powerised & non powerised arrangement.

The Shakeout & the Knockout machine designed and manufactured by BMM since year 1976 is a very  popular equipment used to separate SAND CASTING – RUNNER & RISER in the foundry industry.

The machine produces very powerful oscillating action directed through centre of gravity of the vibrating body.  The rate & travel of the  sand & casting is adjustable depending upon the type, size & shape of the CASTINGS.

BMM  make Belt conveyors, Bucket Elevators & Screw conveyors are rigid/. robust in construction and they conform to IS, ASTM, CEMA standards as is necessary to withstand abuses in the FOUNDRIES.  They are designed for durability & most of the parts are easy to replace & maintain during use.

They are also known as VIBRATORY CONVEYORS or VIBRATORY FEEDERS. They are used to take surge load of entire mass of sand passing through the shakeout or knockout & regulate the output feed of the sand to convey further into the system.

BMM make magnetic separators and pulleys are of high intensity electro-magnetic type or  permanent type along with a belt conveyor.

The magnet body is designed to provide the most efficient magnetic circuit whilst keeping the magnet weight to the minimum without the loss of performance.


BMM  has developed the most modern & advanced form of its Plant & Equipment operating system.  It has salient features of operating,  system integration/sequential & programmable through PLC units.

The  engineers and the programmers involved in the designing and training, are highly qualified and are very well versed with the newly updated operating system available in the industry.

Mechanical Shake-out/Knockout with combined ATTRITION unit consists of body, grid, base frame, motor mounting bracket, perforated deck with 2 openings.

This converts sand / mould lumps (poured or un poured) Into clean grains without disturbing the shape & the size of Every sand grain with thorough output.

Capacity:- 3 TPH to 20 TPH & more.