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BMM  has designed, manufactured, erected & commissioned very successfully & handed over this turnkey SAND PREPARATION PLANT complete with PLC automation & sequential dual type control unit.

Control unit MIMIC view on the control panel of the 120 TPH Sand Plant.

Fully automatically operated Sand Plant suitable for a High Pressure FLASKLESS moulding line.  Designed, manufactured & Installed by BMM for  a multinational group company for 100% EOU.  Capacity made till now is 20 TPH to 150 TPH.

A very comprehensive & compact sand plant with jolt squeeze moulding machine (2 pairs) & indexing type mould handling system with monorail pouring arrangement.

An aerial view of the plant

Capacity Available: 3 TPH to 20 TPH

This type of Sand Plant  needs less floor space and more height. The power requirement is also less as the number of machines are less in the plant. It is suitable for any type of green sand moulding process. Suitable for both High Pressure & Jolt squeeze moulding lines.

Capacity Available:- 20 TPH to 150 TPH. Can be designed for higher capacity also.


The Shakeout & the Knockout machine designed and manufactured by BMM
since year 1976 is a very  popular equipment used to separate SAND CASTING – RUNNER & RISER in the foundry industry.

The machine produces very powerful oscillating action directed through centre of gravity of the vibrating body.  The rate & travel of the  sand & casting is adjustable depending upon the type, size & shape of the CASTINGS.

The mixer is the most important equipment of the green sand preparation system which is used to do proper homogeneous product mix of SAND – BENTONITE – COAL DUST – WATER & FINE DUST

To get accurate product-mix an automatic weigh-batch-hopper with water dosing unit is also available along with the mixer.

Capacity available:- 150 to 1500 kgs batch.

BMM  Mixer-Muller is a very popular and important machine used to get the optimum Green Sand Moulding Strength & Compactibility.

To achieve the best quality & fluffy moulding sand, this machine, can be also supplied with IN-BUILT AERATOR.

The Mixer-Muller is used to prepare a proper product mix or SAND-Bentonite- Coal dust – Water & Fine Dust by kneading & mixing principle.

An Automatic weighing/batching, hopper is also available along with the machine to maintain consistency in the sand mix quality.

Capacity:-  50 kgs to 1500 kgs per batch.

BMM  make Belt conveyors, Bucket Elevators & Screw conveyors are rigid/robust in construction and they conform to IS, ASTM, CEMA standards as is necessary to withstand abuses in the FOUNDRIES.  They are designed for durability & most of the parts are easy to replace & maintain during use.

They are also known as VIBRATORY CONVEYORS or VIBRATORY FEEDERS. They are used to take surge load of entire mass of sand passing through the shakeout or knockout & regulate the output feed of the sand to convey further into the system.

BMM  make Polygonal Sieves & Vibrating Screens are designed to do conditioning  of return green sand for foundries.

They are made to specific standards depending upon the type of Foundry.  The sieves & screens are well protected inside the hood / desk for longer life & for optimum performance.

BMM make magnetic separators and pulleys are of high intensity electro-magnetic type or  permanent type along with a belt conveyor.

The magnet body is designed to provide the most efficient magnetic circuit whilst keeping the magnet weight to the minimum without the loss of performance.

Line Aerator


BMM  Line Aerator is OVERBELT mounted type.  It is designed to convert each & every sand lump into a free grain structure without disturbing its coating/binder properties very swiftly.  It can be Twin drum, single drum or Combi type design.

Rotary Sand Drier of BMM  make is made specially to dry the FOUNDRY sand in the most economic way.  it saves the fuel / energy when compared with the other (make) types of driers.

The DOUBLE PASS type Sand dryer design makes it compact & occupies  less ground space for higher capacities.

Available with

  • OIL fuel burner

  • GAS fuel burner

  • HOT Air Recuperator/Generator

The almost ZERO maintenance equipment for cooling HOT return sand after Shake-out for small-medium-large foundries.

BMM  make ROTARY Drum Sand Cooler is the most efficient & serving successfully to the foundry industry from many decades.

Its robust & durable construction helps the foundries to go on using for years to come without any break down.

It also helps in homogenous  the sand during the transit inside the drum chamber.

The Skip  charger is a side dump type hoisting bucket assembly designed to convey the sand at an elevated height in the foundry industry.  It is also used for batching & conveying sand into mixer.


BMM  has developed the most modern & advanced form of its Plant & Equipment operating system.  It has salient features of operating,  system integration/sequential & programmable through PLC units.

The  engineers and the programmers involved in the designing and training, are highly qualified and are very well versed with the newly updated operating system available in the industry.