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What They Said About Us

MADRAS ENGINEERING INDUSTRIES PVT. LTD. > We approached BMM for a special purpose equipment having multi functions to receive molten metal from furnaces, travel on the floor and transfer the metal to the Auto-pour after doing SG Iron Treatment at a location very close to the Auto-Pour. BMM designed and supplied a technically advanced unique equipment with six axes movement, names “HI-TECH POUR”. We are happy with the performance of BMM’s “HI-TECH POUR”, which is a perfect solution for our molten metal handling
BMM” of Baroda has designed and installed our Sand Plant for our Disamatic Line. It is running satisfactory since installation. We are very much satisfied with the services of BMM.
This is to certify that Bottom Pouring Ladles 6 Ton, 4.5 Ton & 10 Ton capacity and Ladle Pre-heater supplied by M/s.Baroda Machinery Manufacturers Pvt Ltd. Baroda are working satisfactorily. The performance of these ladles and the workmanship are quite good.
Chief Executive Officer:
This is to certify that the mechanized Sand Plant consisting of sand preparation, sand reclamation and mould handling supplied by M/s. BMM PVT LTD., Baroda has been working satisfactorily since its commissioning in 1981. We are also satisfied with their customer service. We wish the Company all the best.
This is to certify that M/s.Baroda Machinery Manufacturers Pvt. Ltd. has been conferred with BEST VENDORS Award in recognition of their consistent quality performance.
RRK Reddy: Managing Director
We are pleased to confirm that the Sand Plant including Mullers, conveyors, disintegrators, Elevators, Magnetic Separator and Control Panel has given us an immense satisfaction. We have found that inspite of our having not specified anywhere, you have used best materials like Gearboxes, Motors, Rollers, Bearings, Belts and other such like materials. We convey our appreciation and thanks to you.
For Steelcast Ltd.: Authorised Signatory
We have awarded a contract for the design, manufacture, supply, erection and commissioning of our Sand Reconditioning, Preparation and Distribution Plant to M/s.Baroda Machinery Manufacturers Pvt. Ltd. Baroda. We are glad to state that M/s.Baroda Machinery Manufacturers Pvt. Ltd. has completed the assignment in 60 days and the Plant was commissioned to our entire satisfaction as per schedule. This was attributable to their excellent technical competence, sincere efforts and commandable co-ordination. The plant is running to our satisfaction and we express our appreciation and thanks to M/s.Baroda Machinery Manufacturers Pvt. Ltd.
Vidyasagar - Technical Director: Nelcast Ltd. Gudur
This is to appreciate that the following equipments supplied by you to our Foundry during recent past are working well and they are meeting our requirements:- 1. Sand Plant supplied by you to both our Old and New Foundries. 2. Ladle hangers
BVSS Sastry: DGM
This is to Certify that the existing Knockout and return sand handling system was designed, manufacturers, supplied, erected & commissioned by M/s. Baroda Machinery Manufacturers Pvt. Ltd., Baroda in the year 2006. The system consists of Four station Knockout (Shakeout) 40 to 50 Tons capacity, bin below Knockout, slide gate, Inline feeders – 2 Nos, Belt conveyors, magnetic pulley, OBMS, Bucket Elevator, Feeder belt, Ploughs and Fish mouth gate as per BMM’s drawing. The well conceived and well designed layout system perfectly suite our requirement. We are pleased, the system is still running smoothly, which is attributable to perfected design, good workmanship sturdy construction and timely after sales service. We appreciate BMM’s capabilities and wish them all the best.<br />
We are pleased to inform you that since last 15 years we are using your equipments and spares generally used in Foundry Mould Handling System, Pouring handling system and Core Oven. We are quite satisfied with the services given by you and necessary spares provided to us from time to time. We are really appreciate your fast services for getting all technical problems solved and we are happy to inform you that since last 15 years your all equipments are working very satisfactorily.
We have been using many equipment’s of BMM make in our foundry for last 15 years. Your equipment’s are always good faith in aesthetic as well as in performance. We have never faced any problem with your equipment’s. Your services are very prompt, of course cost effect is always your plus point. Your equipment’s are at very competitive price.
U D Patil: Manager- Maintenance (DEU)
This is to certify that M/s.Baroda Machinery Manufacturers Pvt. Ltd. Baroda had supplied Green Sand Plant for SINTO FBO-IV High pressure moulding line in our Alumnium Foundry. We are pleased to confirm that the above Sand Plant designed, manufactured, erected & commissioned by you is working satisfactorily since 2005. We are happy with the performance of the Plant and services rendered by you.
General Manager (Works):
We have procured from BMM 10 Ton capacity and 6 Ton capacity Lip Pouring Ladles with Gearbox tilting mechanism. The performance of these Ladles and the workmanship are quite good. We have not faced any problem with the equipment.
J.V.Patel: Foundry Manager